Sky Diving

Sky Diving: The Thrill of Falling

If you dare not open your eyes, are clutching onto a companion in fright and screaming your absolute lungs out, it could only mean one of two possible things. The first (perhaps more boring) option is that horror flick that just hit the multiplexes. The alternative is, you’re in the middle of an epic Sky Diving adventure and between the two options, we’d recommend sky diving over and over again.

Sky diving

Unless you live in the wilderness with no access to the internet and make no contact with modern civilization, we’re pretty sure you know what sky diving is. Nonetheless, we’ll make your life a little easier and explain it as we see it. Sky diving can be regarded as both a recreational activity and an adventure sport simultaneously. Be warned though, if a horror movie renders you speechless, there’s no telling what sky diving will do to you, because, well you’re free falling from an air-borne vehicle, mid flight! Don’t let that deter you though, because we guarantee those who do give this sport a try always come back recounting experiences of shock and awe.

Sky diving India

Quite simply, sky diving is the technique of transiting in free fall from a high point in the sky with the aid of, SURPRISE, gravity, all while controlling your speed and direction with the aid of a parachute once you attain maximum velocity. The thrill is derived largely during the free-fall phase.

What the experience is like –

Just to paint a picture, imaging this; you jump off a plane of hot-air balloon from a very, very high point in the sky. As you descend, the horizon unfolds before your very eyes, which is downright amazing. Don’t look down tough, for we promise you’ll scream unless you are made of steel or have done this before! While you and your fellow divers descend, you can literally feel the adrenaline pumping in your ears as the wind rushes in your face and the tiny specs of objects and the minute features of the terrain on the land below magnify in slow motion the closer you get. While you soak in the magnificent view, you will hit terminal velocity in what feels like no time at all. For those uninitiated in rudimentary physics, terminal velocity is the highest speed your body can free fall from a height. It’s at this point you want to pull hard at the restraints of your parachute and after a mild jerk, begin the gloriously pleasant descent back to Earth-sweet-Earth!

Sounds crazy right? We concur.

Sky diving has been around right from the early 20th century. From being a strategy to deploy troops on battlefields to being recognized as a sport in 1930, we’ve come a long way. Sky diving today is regarded as one of the most popular adventure sports and recreational activities, purely because the adrenaline rush one experiences in free-fall is second to none other. As far as safety procedures are concerned, rest assured no one wants to be on the wrong end of a sky-diving trip gone wrong. The sport is always under maximum expertise supervision and all equipment needs to be triple-checked, certified qualitative. Needless to say, all companies that partake in providing pleasure through parachuting need to be licensed and certified as per global standards too.

Sky diving

So what are you waiting for? Get some fearless friends along, form a formation and free-fall your way to glory!

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