Top 5 Beaches in India

Beat for the Beach

When life isn’t treating you too well, perhaps it’s time to take that long overdue break and beat for the beaches! Now, in a land where there’s a beach in almost every corner of the country with a coastline, we definitely participate in the mass-belief that each beach (that rhymed) presents a unique experience in some way or form. So we dug deep into the archives just to make your decision making easier. If you’re permitted leaves at work are capped, then it’s time to cash in on these leaves and head over to these amazing beaches we absolutely believe should be on your bucket-list!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or better still, sip on some as you watch a glorious sunset on one of the beaches we’ve listed above! If it’s a break you seek, don’t think, just beat for the beach!

Beach Please